10 Hr. Complementarias de SST para completar 40. (SST-302 y SST-307)

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10 Hr. Complementarias de SST para completar 40. (SST-302 y SST-307)

January 7 @ 9:00 am - 8:30 pm



10-Hr SST Complementarias para SST 40. 

2 Horas de Conocimiento de Alcohol y Drogas (SST-302)

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Heath, the construction industry has the highest of workplace drug use. Substance abuse is increasing those risks which affect overall job safety and work efficiency. Substance abuse includes, but is not limited to the use of marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates, amphetamine, and high amounts of alcohol. The program’s goal is to address substance and alcohol abuse, particularly focusing on educating workers on safety and productivity hazards created by the abuse of alcohol and other drugs in the workplace.

Español: De acuerdo con la encuesta nacional en el uso de Drogas y Salud, la industria de la construcción tiene el uso más alto de drogas en el lugar de trabajo. El abuso de sustancias este aumentando los riesgos cuales afectan completamente la seguridad en el trabajo y la eficiencia. El abuso de sustancias incluye, pero no está limitado a el uso de marijuana, heroína, éxtasi, metanfetamina, cocaína, opioides, anfetamina, y el gran consumo de alcohol. El objetivo de este programa este de discutir el abuso de sustancias y alcohol, con un enfoque particular en educar a los trabajadores en los riesgos de seguridad y productividad debido a el abuso de alcohol y drogas en el lugar de trabajo. 


Drug and alcohol use in the workplace creates a dangerous situation not just for employees struggling with substance abuse, but for their coworkers and management as well. This course also offers voice authentication (VA) proctoring to meet NYC Local Law 196 requirements for Drugs and Alcohol Awareness training. NYC DOB Provider ID Number: 4T75


This course is an elective course that can help fulfill the requirement for an individual applying for a Site Safety Training Card. THIS IS AN AWARENESS-LEVEL TRAINING ONLY and does not provide any other qualification or authorization outside of the Site Safety Training Card.

Duration: 2 Hours of instructional time, excluding breaks

Language: English, Spanish,


This NYC SST-302 2-Hour drugs and alcohol awareness course for construction addresses a wide range of important topics in drug and alcohol abuse awareness, including:

  • Adverse effects of drugs and alcohol
  • Adverse synergistic effects
  • Commonly used drugs
  • Drug and alcohol use in the construction industry
  • Drug and alcohol abuse prevention
  • Impact of chemical dependency on the lives of coworkers, family members, and others
  • Problems caused by substance dependency
  • Recognition, avoidance, and prevention
    Substance use disorders (SUDs)
  • The science of addiction
  • Ways to avoid the influence of drugs and alcohol while working

After taking this course, participants will be prepared to recognize signs of substance abuse in the workplace, understand the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol, and implement recognition, avoidance and prevention strategies to address substance use disorders on the job.


NYC Requirement:

In order to continue to operate in the City of New York, the designated construction worker is required to complete a minimum number of hours of approved site safety training and to carry site safety identification cards as proof of completion of the training (As per New York City Local Law 196 of 2017 also known as ‘LL196’ or ‘Local Law’). This course provides two hours towards the satisfaction of that requirement.


Course Content Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Stress that dependence disorders happen to ‘normal’ people (erase stigma) and reinforce that unsuspecting people can become dependent on chemicals including alcohol.
  3. Generally describe illicit use of drugs and the effects of drugs and alcohol in workplaces.
  4. Describe drug use and impairment in the workplace and the effects of such altered capacity, acuity and the increased risks of injury to themselves, other workers and the public.
  5. Drug and Alcohol Use in the Construction Industry
  6. Describe the Impact and Effects of Drug and Alcohol Use on Construction Sites and Personally.
  7. Briefly explain various drugs and their effects on the human body.
  8. Explain relevant information concerning alcohol use and its effects on the human body.
  9. Prevention and Control of Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace.
  10. Adverse Synergistic Use of Drugs along with Alcohol
  11. Resources: What can you do if you need help
  12. Review of all Training Topics
  13. Debriefing (Informal evaluation)
  14. Written (Multiple Choice) Assessment.

8- Hr de Prevencion a Caidas (SST-307)

This course is a required course that can help fulfill the requirement for an individual
applying for a Site Safety Training Card. THIS IS AN AWARENESS-LEVEL
TRAINING ONLY and does not provide any other qualification or authorization
outside of the Site Safety Training Card.

Course Content Outline

a. Instructor introduces the topic and describes their qualifications and relevant experience for training this
b. Establish that all trainees can hear and fully understand you i.e. ‘raise your hand if you fully understand
me’ or ‘clap your hands if you fully understand me’
c. State basic classroom rules, bearings, and decorum
i. Inform trainees of the duration of training and breaks (if any)
ii. Remind trainees about limiting distractions (phone use, texting, sidebar conversations)
iii. Emergency procedures (location and means of egress, exits, or other contingencies)
iv. Location of restrooms
d. Training Objectives and Expectations:
i. Trainees will become generally familiar with terms associated with falls in construction
ii. Trainees will be able to recognize avoid and prevent fall hazards from causing harm.
iii. Trainees should become aware of regulatory safety requirements associated with falls, including
OSHA’s Subpart M.
iv. Trainees will learn how to make informed decisions when working at heights.


January 7
9:00 am - 8:30 pm
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