4 - Hour supported Scaffold user (SCA-104)

Couse description: The 4-Hour Supported Scaffold User and Refresher course prepares workers to recognize and avoid a wide range of safety hazards associated with supported scaffold use. ... It provides four hours of Site Safety Training (SST) credits that NYC construction workers can apply toward their full SST card.

Duration: 4 hours
Language: English, Spanish 

Next Available Class: 8/29/2021

Price: $135

2-Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness and 8-Hour Fall Prevention Package

2 – Drug and Alcohol Awareness and 8 Hour Fall Prevention Bundle (SST-302, SST-307)

Couse description : Local Law 196 of 2017 requires certain Workers and Supervisors to receive safety training at construction sites. This Bundle offers the 10 hours in order to complete the Site Safety Training (SST) card. SST-302 covers material on the effects drug and alcohol has on the job sites, and how to prevent it in order to maintain a safer worksite. SST-307 is intended to educate workers on how to prevent injuries or accidents while working on places such as roofs, ladders and scaffolds.

Duration: 10 Hours
Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese

Next Available Class: 9/4/2021

Price: $250

16-Hour Suspended Scaffold User (SCA-103)

This 16 Hours course is intended to teach DOB and OSHA safety guidelines in order to prevent and recognize hazards in the jobsite. Students will learn about scaffold inspection, equipment, components, and how to assemble/dissemble them.

Duration: 16 Hours
Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese

Next Available Class: 9/20/2021, 9/21/2021

Price: $400